News 2023

SAGE Workdays 2023

2023 SAGE Workdays were carried out at College Heights Christian School on August 20 and at Mamawi Atosketan Native School on August 27.

This year even though SAGE participants were down in numbers, a lot was accomplished.  This year we also had a special young family that participated and helped to paint the Elementary School entryway at Mamawi. 

At the College Heights Christian School, Pastor Don Corkum, began the day with worship and Steven Gabrys welcomed those attending.  This was then followed by quickly choosing jobs of cleaning, painting, reorganizing, general maintenance, and/or yard work. At the Mamawi Atosketan Native School, Pastor Ken Wiebe, began the day with worship which was then followed by quickly choosing jobs of cleaning, painting, and yard work.

At noon the schools provided a very tasty lunch along with the desserts brought by SAGErs.  In the afternoon all the jobs on the list were completed.  And now it is such a good feeling to have carried out all the work that was needed.

Both school principals shared about their appreciation for all the work carried out at their schools, College Heights Christian School, Steven Gabrys and Mamawi Atosketan Native School, Roxanne Mcpherson.   SAGE feels very blessed to have accepted and completed the work helping the schools to be ready for the new school year.


Sylvan Meadows Adventist School - SAGE Workday

Yesterday June 25th was one very special day.  37 SAGErs, friends along with Sylvan Lake Adventist Church members met and participated in this special day.  The day began with a message by Don Corkum, SAGE Ministries Coordinator.  He suggested that today was an opportunity to help the school become an even greater place then it already is.  It is a place where Jesus reaches out to many, young and old. 

Following worship, those participating broke into 6 groups and started work for the day.  Chairs, tables, desks, windows and floors in classrooms were cleaned, some hallway doors were painted, new weather stripping around gymnasium doors was installed, a new drinking fountain was installed, some flooring pieces were replaced.  Outside branches were picked up, broken tree branches cut off, removal of small bushes and plants in front of school began, two piles of broken wood and branches were picked up and hauled away.  The work carried out by all those participating was very useful and appreciated.  And now……next year is coming.