News 2022

SAGE Convention


The eight annual SAGE Convention was held in Lacombe, AB on May 6-8, 2022.  It began with an evening banquet at the College Heights Christian School.  Our weekend guest speaker was Elder Lowell C. Cooper who is a Canadian born retired vice president of the General Conference of SDA and spoke on "Personal Encounters with Jesus."

The weekend continued with Sabbath School and church followed by an afternoon presentation by Elder Cooper and an evening Gospel Concert.  The convention ended on Sunday.

(Pictures coming)

SAGE Education Nature Centre Workday


June 5, 2022 was the day for SAGErs to finalize the work at the SAGE Education Nature Centre at Foothills Camp.  It was a damp, rainy day and of the 22 people registered to participate, 13 came to work.  Even in the rain, work at the Nature Centre was very well accomplished.  Windows inside and outside were cleaned, chairs, tables and the floor were cleaned.  Outside though wet and rainy saw a whole trailer load of branches and wood picked up.  A wonderful tasty lunch was served at the Camp dinning room at noon. 

Once the work at the Centre was completed for the day, SAGErs went up to the Camp and offered to help.  Windows in all the large buildings and in the cabins were cleaned.  The day wound up with supper at the Nature Centre and the hoagies will not be forgotten.

In the near future SAGE will once again be holding a workday.  Many hands will be needed to pick up millions of branches, logs be cut and the grounds around the Centre raked.  Yes, this Centre is truly a place where God wants to meet with people and to help them learn more about Him through His nature.