About Us

SAGE Alberta is designed to enhance the spiritual, mental, educational, physical and social health of senior Adventist Church members and their community senior friends aged 50 years and older by:

     1.  Providing opportunities for continued active service to God and the Church.

     2.  Providing opportunities to develop new friendships and support systems during outings. 

     3.  Providing an annual convention that is particularly geared to the needs and interests of the senior church population.


The SAGE Alberta Committee


Coordinator - Don Corkum

Treasurer - Bob Holdal

Communications Coordinators - Bob and Marlene Holdal

Spiritual Coordinators - Don and Phyllis Corkum

Work Projects Coordinator - Darlene Reimche

Building Committee Chairperson - Urpo Maattanen

RV Camping Coordinators - Everett Herrebrugh, Lorna Joch

Social Events Coordinator - Lorna Joch

Travel Advisor/Events Coordinator - Keith Clouten

General Support - Ron and Lorna Joch                                                                                                                                               

Music Coordinators/General Support - Garrit & Merle Steenbergen

Alberta Conference Registration Contact - Penny Marcinyk                                                                                                                                            pmarcinyk@albertaadventist.ca or 403-342-5044 ext 201

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