SAGE Alberta Work Projects Guidelines

Updated September 10, 2013 

SAGE ALBERTA is the parent organization for the SAGE ministry in the Alberta Conference. It is hoped that individual churches, or groups of churches, will form LOCAL SAGE CHAPTERSEither of these organizations may participate, jointly or separately, in work projects to benefit Conference institutions.

Institutions requesting the assistance of SAGE Alberta will need to meet the following guidelines:

  1. The requesting board will provide SAGE Alberta with the board action requesting assistance
  2. along with the request the organization should provide a detailed description of the project priorities
  3. to allow time for adequate preparation for any project there should be a lead time of at least six (6) months
  4. the officers of SAGE Alberta will review the information provided to determine the feasibility of the project and, if deemed feasible, will pass the request on to the Building Committee for the final approval and implementation
  5. once the project is approved the requesting organization will be asked to provide the name of a local contact person who will be in charge of overseeing the project and have decision making authority
  6. the SAGE Building Coordinator will work with the contact person
  7. these two individuals will work together to establish a timeline for the project
  8. the officers of SAGE Alberta will work with the project coordinator to recruit personnel who have the required expertise to complete the project
  9. the requesting organization will provide all the materials necessary to complete the project
  10. all the materials should be on site prior to the arrival of the work team
  11. the requesting organization is responsible to secure the required permits for the project prior to commencement of work.
  12. should the project include a basement, the requesting organization is responsible for the excavation, pouring the footings and the foundation walls.  Further to ensure safety for the workers, the backfilling must be completed before the SAGE work team arrives on site.
  13. members of the organization requesting assistance are expected to join with the workers from SAGE Alberta in completing the project
  14. Local SAGE Chapters may request assistance from SAGE Alberta. SAGE Alberta will evaluate each request in accordance with the SAGE Alberta Work Project Guidelines and, after evaluation, will communicate its response to the requesting organization.

All requests should be mailed to the SAGE Coordinator, Alberta Conference, 5816 Highway 2A, Lacombe AB T4L 2G5 or by email to


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